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Here you will find all of my available courses, starting with Gravity!

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Are you ready to tackle a weighty subject? You’ll have a ball investigating The Big G - GRAVITY!

Why do objects fall to the ground instead of floating in the air? Which objects fall the fastest? What is air resistance? Join Xander to answer these questions and more as we investigate GRAVITY.


Are you feeling energetic? EXCELLENT, because in this module we are going to investigate ENERGY.

What is energy? What are the different forms of energy? How does a roller coaster work? Get your brain energised and ready for answers!


Let’s investigate what floats and what sinks and learn all about DENSITY!

Why do some objects float and some sink? Will an apple float in water? Will a Coke can?Will a potato? Grab some fruit and veggies and a few soft drink cans, and let’s test it out when we learn about Density!


Ready, set, GO! In this module, you get to hit the ground running, as we learn about Motion!

You’ll be zooming along the track, sprinting and walking … and then create your very own distance-time graph that represents your own unique motion. It’s a very cool thing to pin up on your bedroom wall!